DeepOcean Mitigation Plan For Covid-19 (updated 19.03.2020)

DeepOcean Mitigation Plan For Covid-19 (updated 19.03.2020)


DeepOcean is monitoring the Novel Coronavirus development closely and continuously working with our global medical services provider, International SOS, to ensure that we have suitable and appropriate arrangements in place to safeguard our employees against the spread of COVID-19. The guidelines and mitigating actions enforced by the company are in line with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations and developed in collaboration with International SOS.

As the situation is a “moving target” we have created an internal SharePoint site to keep all DeepOcean employees up to date on the latest developments. DeepOcean employees can access the site via this link: It is essential to regularly refer to this site in order to remain well informed of the latest guidance relating to the Coronavirus.

For the latest external updates directly from the World Health Organisation, please refer to the following web-sites:

Further detail on DeepOcean's COVID-19 mitigation plan can be found in the link below.

DeepOcean COVID-19 Mitigation Plan


  • GRP - DOC – 001 – International SOS Guidance Notes on Coronavirus Offshore

  • CLC-MSO-WRK-001 (1.1) – International SOS Medics Manual 2018 - 2019

  • COVID-19 Briefing Updated: 25th February 2020 - Corona Virus Briefing for UKCS Operations: Updated 25/02/2020

Concerns or questions can be directed to:

Erik Bergh

Group HSEQS Director

M|+47 92 66 93 18

T |+47 52 70 04 00