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Our state-of-the-art solutions for deep-water operations, with extensive use of remotely operated vehicles, enable us to support ocean-based industries with the latest technology advancements.
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Diverless solutions

DeepOcean is has a long history of challenging the industry with innovative use of ROVs. Bolted connections, subsea machining, installation of complex clamps are just a few examples of solutions we perform regularly.

We have a world-leading track record in finding ways to execute all subsea work using remote technology safely and effectively. Our extensive in-house engineering team continuously develops innovative methods for our clients, using custom tooling designs. While our operations can integrate with 3rd party solutions seamlessly.

Remote Operation Center (ROC)

Remote technology is the future of offshore operations. Our ROC allows us to operate ROVs located at offshore vessels from our multiple control rooms at Haugesund, Norway. The ROC is perfect for collaboration, allowing supporting personnel to come together to be fully involved in the operations.

The ROC offers significant benefits, such as:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced cost with less people offshore
  • Reduced HSE exposure
  • Reduced carbon footprint
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Digital twins and animation of subsea operations

  • Animations and interactive projects that simulate offshore and below sea level operations
  • A digital view of our vessels and ROVs in operation, with exact positions and movement, creating a digital twin 
  • Ability to follow offshore operations digitally and record all movements with expert accuracy thanks to the digital twin.

Digital solutions

We take subsea survey operations to the next level through digitalization. By seamlessly extracting, processing and analyzing data from sensor systems, and feeding it into an operational digital twin, surveys and inspections can be planned and executed better, faster and more efficiently.

What we do:
  • Remote operations with autonomous inspections drones, controlled from the ROC, ensuring increased productivity and use of existing staff
  • Standardized inspections can be planned in the digital twin, reducing planning, reporting and project execution time
  • Increased simultaneous operations
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Smart inspections

Autonomous inspections of subsea structures have an enormous potential creating value for our clients. Our Remote Operating Centre allows for increased simultaneous operations, reducing the cost of operations, requiring less offshore personnel.  

Smart inspections enable:   

  • Simplified planning of inspection scopes using digital twin technology
  • Repeatable programmed inspections of subsea assets  
  • Operations controlled from ROC 
  • Reduced staffing offshore  
  • Increased number of simultaneous operations allowing ongoing  maintenance and repair work
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Technology that sets us apart

  • Leveraging the cloud for advanced image recognition and automation
  • Cloud-based data management for real-time data access by customers
  • Customized artificial intelligence for automated video processing and object detection