The Edda Freya is a state of the art construction vessel suited for operations worldwide and utilising an environmentally friendly, fuelsaving diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. Edda Freya was designed with a focus on cable laying operations, offshore constructions and inspection, and maintenance and repair (IMR) operations, and also with a focus on redundancy, excellent maneuverability and station keeping. The vessel has 2300m2 of deck space and is equpped with a 400 T AHC offshore crane that can lift 600 T in double-fall mode, a 70 T AHC offshore crane which is bolted, and can easily be moved to secondary position, a Huisman 15 T dual tensioner VLS located over the main moonpool, a system for quick mobilisation of reels and reel drive systems, an integrated skidding system for modules, two moonpool launch and recovery system for WROVs and a 3000 T carousel is located below deck. In addtition to the hybrid battery system Edda Freya’s environmentally friendly credentials are enhanced by the adoption of Siemens’ BlueDrive PlusC concept, which was implemented by Siemens in co-operation with Østensjø Rederi. By using variable rotational speed with optimal operation of the disel generators in combination with the battery system, the system will significantly reduce fuel consumption and the emissions of nitrogen oxieds (NOX) and greenhouse gases (CO2 and methane). The use of selective catalytic reduction systems further reduces emissions.