Ocean solutions

Our state-of-the-art solutions for deep-water operations, with extensive use of remotely operated vehicles, enable us to expand and widen our activities in the ocean space.
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Offshore aquaculture

As a subsea expert, we inspect and cleanfish farms. We install and inspect moorings and cables and provide solutions for repairs and upgrades of the facility.
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Environmental monitoring

DeepOcean’s environmental monitoring instruments and tools deliver immediate and accurate observation data across various parameters crucial for the marine environment.

UXO disposal

By combining our in-house competence within seabed mapping and removal of subsea structures, we offer an integrated solution for the clearance and removal of unexploded explosive ordnance (UXO).
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Our marine operations are supported by remotely operated vehicles and special purpose vessels. These capabilities are highly applicable to our marine salvage services. We offer inspections and protection of the wreck, removal of cargo and fuel, cutting operations, lift rigging, and retrieval activities. Our salvage track record comprises of marine vessels and fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.