A vital part of our service focuses on repairing and upgrading the current assets rather than replacing them. DeepOcean offers a wide range of value-added subsea services within inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR).
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What we do

  • General maintenance and repairs, subsea
  • Integrity inspections of all subsea assets
  • Subsea module replacements
  • Subsea tree installation
  • Light construction and installation activities
  • Heavy subsea lift operations
  • RFO/commissioning operations
  • Subsea tree installation

Smarter and faster

With a 20+ year maintenance track record and 15.000+ vessel days executed, we understand your maintenance needs and the best way to solve them. We know when to move fast to secure uptime and minimize the overall costs.  

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State of the art vessels

The DeepOcean fleet of purpose-built hybrid vessels enables state-of-the-art efficiency, safe execution and greener operations. The vessels are equipped with tailor-made subsea assets, including deep-water module handling systems and ROVs with market-leading capabilities.

Controlled from onshore

Our Remote Operations Center (ROC) forms an integrated part of the maintenance services. ROC enables us to control a specter of operations, such as inspections and remote piloting, from onshore. We can confidently ‘visit’ assets to verify quality and integrity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. And most importantly, minimize the risk to all employees.
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